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- Es ist uns völlig unverständlich.
Wien // June 2012
Graz // April 2012
This city has been my home for 7 months, I have just over 2 months left here in Graz and it’s going to break my heart a bit to leave it.
Koeln, Germany // April, 2012
Fisherman’s Bastion, Buda, Budapest // March 2012
I’m Not Going Anywhere Without You, from Lost Together, 2009
Christian Thompson 
Elisabethstrasse, Graz // Sept, 2011
Haus des Meeres, Wien // Jan 2012

Mound - Allison Schulnik // 2011

Hayley Scanlan
Was at the opening night of her Degree show in Dundee 2009, and there was definitely something about Hayley and her work.  The Fashion World is starting to take more notice, and rightly so.
Check out her collection at Stud&Stud